Tourist attractions for a bargain at Leisure Public House

Leisure facilities in Dublin can be booked with a one-off or a month-long membership for just €12.

Leisure Travel vans, leisure cars and leisure suits are also available for just under €20.

The €40 Leisure House Dublin is open 24 hours, but reservations must be made before the day of the event. 

The €40 leisure car is a two-seater car that will go anywhere in the city for €15, but can only be booked on a one month-to-month basis.

There are other car options for leisure travellers such as the €20 Leisure Sports van, which is a four-seated vehicle that will take you anywhere in Dublin for €10.

There is also the Leisure Club, which has a private lounge, which costs €20 and a free drink at the bar, which goes for €30. 

A free drink is also available at the cafe and the €15 ferry ride from the hotel will take up to four hours.

The Leisure Spa and Spa Park are also open 24-hours and can be visited for €40 each, or €10 per person, with a fee of €20 for a full day. 

Leisure facilities also cater for the weekend.

The Hotel Leisure, which was closed last month for renovations, is still open and is also a two room boutique hotel.

It has two spa rooms, a spa bath and a spa room for two, as well as a spa car and a pool.

The Spa Beach is also open for two nights with a free day ticket, which you can reserve online for €60. 

For those who want to stay longer, the Leamans Spa Park, located at the foot of the Dublin River, is open for three nights and has a spa, pool, sauna and a swimming pool.

It also has a mini golf course. 

This is Leisure Hotel, which offers a fully equipped gym, saunas, pool and a cinema.

It can be reserved online for just $60 for a week-long stay. 

If you are in Dublin and want to check out some of the more popular leisure facilities, the Hotel Leaman is open daily from 8am to 6pm. 

It is a three-bed hotel, which can be accessed via a three and a half-mile walk along the River Liffey.

The hotel offers a full breakfast and lunch buffet, which includes a coffee bar and a range of drinks including the €10 cocktail and the £7 Champagne. 

Dublin Hotel Leaman is open on the weekend and has some great deals.

The most recent stay for a weekend included a breakfast buffet of sausage, eggs, bacon and ham, a coffee, breakfast cake and a full range of wine. 

To take advantage of some of these discounts, Dublin Hotel Leamon has a special offer available for a one day stay of €50.

You can book online, or pick up a single day ticket from the lobby. 

You can also book a weekend stay for €50 with a single night ticket for €70. 

Other hotels and travel agencies in Dublin that offer discounts include the Hotel Indigo, Leisure Tourism, Leamann, Leaman Spa and Leaman Travel. 

There are also some good deals to be had if you are looking for some of Dublin’s best places to stay.

The city has plenty of great attractions to see and do in the capital. 

Visit Dublin for a better stay This article was originally published on May 3, 2018.

Leisure facilities in Dublin can be booked with a one-off or a month-long membership for just €12.Leisure Travel vans, leisure…

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