Why you should get the New Jersey Summer Line adirONDACK train

In a city known for its warm weather, it’s refreshing to get a train ride in the middle of nowhere.

While most New Jersey summer rail trips are booked months in advance, the New York-Newark line will be serving the northern part of the state for three weeks beginning Friday.

The train travels between the towns of Fairfield and Concord, with stops in the towns as far north as Woodbridge, Gloucester, New London, and Waterbury.

The line runs along the shore of Lake Ontario, which is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts.

In 2017, the line opened for passengers in Lakewood and the towns near Lake George.

There are also several local stops along the route, such as the historic St. Paul’s Church, the St. Patrick’s Church in St. Johnsbury, and the New London Public Library.

It’s a nice break from the busy commute, but if you’re planning to ride the train on its way to a summer trip, the first stop will be in Glen Cove, a small town in the northeastern corner of the Garden State.

That’s not a stretch for an all-inclusive summer cruise.

The trip begins at the Glen Cove Ferry Terminal on the eastern end of Lake Erie, which offers the perfect opportunity to get out and about.

It has a few amenities including a dock, a restaurant, a spa, a pool, and a clubhouse.

There is also a bar in the terminal for an additional $20 to spend, as well as a bike and horse trail.

After you disembark, take the first car to a nearby village, then drive the car to Glen Cove.

It is about 15 miles from the airport, but it’s still pretty far from anywhere.

The car has a parking lot, but there is no restroom at the terminal.

From there, it is about 20 miles to Fairfield, which lies about three hours from New York City.

It also has the option to take a bus from the Glen County Fairgrounds in Fairfield to Fairview or Fairfield Village, both of which are about a half-hour away from the terminal, and can be accessed by public transportation.

Fairview offers the option of driving a car on the highway to get to Fairmont Village, which can be found about three-quarters of a mile away.

The village is a little farther from Fairfield on Highway 2.

For more information on the New Hampshire Summer Line, including fares, see our guide to the New England summer rail system.

In a city known for its warm weather, it’s refreshing to get a train ride in the middle of nowhere.While…

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