The NHL’s biggest family leisure van comes to a mall near you!

The NHL announced on Thursday the launch of a family leisure vehicle designed to be more family friendly.

The team will begin offering the SUV to mall guests starting this month.

The luxury van, named The Ultimate Luxury Luxury, will be available in the mall on the mall’s parking lot starting at $100,000, or a little over $2.2 million for a family of five.

The SUV features six seats with four in the back, three in the front and two in the rear.

It is powered by an engine that produces 210 horsepower.

The vehicle is equipped with air conditioning, a 12-inch screen, a heated front seat, a back seat with a storage area and a large window that opens out to allow people to see the world.

The Ultimate Luxuriy has been designed by the team of designer and architect Tom Wigfield, and the vehicle will be featured at the mall in a variety of colors.

The Ultimate is expected to be the first luxury vehicle at the Mall of America.

“The Ultimate SUV is the ultimate in the luxury and convenience of a leisure vehicle,” said Tim Pomeroy, vice president of global sales for the NHL.

“This model is perfect for families who want to take advantage of the mall, or for family travelers who are looking for a comfortable and convenient way to get around the world.”

The Ultimate has been in the works for a while, and this is the first time the SUV will be offered to the public.

It was originally designed for the 2014 Winter Classic, which took place in Buffalo.

The luxury van is expected be in a limited number of locations.

The mall was originally planning to offer the vehicle as a limited-time offer starting in November.

The team will also be offering a series of VIP packages starting at about $300,000 starting in 2019.

The VIP package will include: VIP Lounge seats, a four-way reclining seating area with an in-seat area for up to five people, two-way inflatable pool table, four-season outdoor grill, a large TV screen, two massage chairs and a custom-designed, leather-wrapped table cloth.

The tables will also feature premium wood grain trim.

The VIP Lounge has a three-person capacity, and is a special feature of the Ultimate SUV.

The seats are designed with a two-person seat, with the front of the chair placed at an angle and the back resting against the rear of the seat.

The lounge is available for up two people, with additional seating for up three people, and an in the event of an emergency.

The outdoor grill is equipped to offer a 30-degree tilt.

The table cloth features premium-grain leather, and has an interior that is specially designed for this SUV.

There is also a separate, private area that can be used for business meetings, conferences and family gatherings.

The first VIP packages will be priced between $200,000 and $300.000, and there are plans to expand the VIP Lounge to include the Premium Lounge, VIP Lounge and VIP Lounge VIP package starting in early 2020.

The brand is launching an app to let fans find out more about the Ultimate, and they can pre-order the SUV on their mobile devices by visiting and using the code SUV.

Fans can also get in touch with the team to learn more about upcoming events, including the Winter Classic and the 2017 Winter Classic.

The ultimate SUV is expected come to the Mall at a later date.

The first season will begin at the 2018 Winter Classic in Lake Placid, New York, and will continue through the 2019-20 season.

The Mall of Americans has also announced that it will be the official host of the 2018 NHL Winter Classic at the Madison Square Garden.

The 2019 Winter Classic will be played at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New Jersey.

The NHL announced on Thursday the launch of a family leisure vehicle designed to be more family friendly.The team will…

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