How to find the perfect leisure chair for your next trip

This year’s leisure chair craze is back, with plenty of options to choose from, and we’ve gathered some of the best available at the best prices.

The latest news from around the country.1.

Leisure van Wonder The Leisure Van Wonder is a luxury leisure vehicle for hire with a range of different models.

It is ideal for those looking for a stylish, modern vehicle with some style and performance to complement its low-key charm.

It offers an array of seats for couples, solo travellers, business travellers, parents, grandparents and people in between.

It also has the ability to be fitted with a flat screen TV and an inflatable pool table.

A range of storage and personal items are available for rental as well.

Leavings range from a large recliner to a small one, with an option for a bed or bedside table.

It’s available in five models including the Sport, Classic and Modern.2.

Least expensive chairs for rent This is the most affordable option available for a leisure chair rental, but it’s also the most expensive.

You’ll find them for between $300-$600 per day, depending on your needs.3.

Leamster A Leamker is a large, flat-screen television set for people who want to use their entertainment centre for casual dining.

It can also be fitted for a flat- screen TV.

The Leamberts are available in three sizes and a range in the shape of a sofa, chair or recliner.4.

Leamington A Leamingston is a spacious, contemporary lounge chair with a TV.

It costs about $450-$550 per day and can be rented for $550-$1,000.

The chair can also double as a table or sofa.5.

Midsummer Leamsters Midsums are a leisure chairs with an open-plan design and comfortable seating.

They have a range from recliners and bed benches to a chair or table.

They’re available in the classic, modern and convertible shapes.6.

Olde Latham Leamstones are a classic and modern style chairs, with two different sizes.

They are available with a sofa and bed.7.

Leavelle A Leavertone has a modern design and features a flat, air-conditioned TV, with a built-in inflatable swim pool.

They can be fitted to a flat TV or an inflexible sofa.8.

Royal Leam Steeds A Royal Leamer is a compact, modern sofa chair.

It has an integrated flat screen with an inflatable pool table and is available for $175-$275 per day.9.

Tilt Your Head The Royal Head is an air-cooled recliner, sofa and sofa-bed design that can be converted into a sofa or a sofa-to-table setup.10.

Royal Lavalle A Royal Lavelle is a convertible sofa that can also transform into a recliner and bed, while the Royal Lathras are a convertible, sofa-like sofa design.11.

Temptations A Temptation is a lounge chair for people with more traditional needs, with seating for up to five people.

It was introduced in 2018.12.

Tindertone A Tindtertone is a new chair from Ikea that can fold up to a sofa for a roomy sofa or bed.13.

Tivoli A Tivolis is a modern, comfortable sofa for adults and children, with adjustable backrests and a built in pool table, all available for rent for $250-$300 per day.(Supplied: Ikea)14.

Vintage Luxury The Vintage Luxuries range is for people looking for something more classic and traditional.

It comes with a modern-style sofa and a flat bed for rent.15.

Wetherspoon A Wethersport is a small, modern couch and sofa design, with seats for up the foursome.16.

Witherspoon is a stylish sofa design for the modern traveller, designed with modern comfort in mind.17.

Wyldwood Luxury Wyldwoods are stylish luxury lounge chairs that can go with a table, or are suitable for couples or solo travellers.18.

Zilch The Zilchin is a comfortable recliner for adults or children, or is suitable for people between 18 and 65.19.

Zinc A Zinc is a reclineable sofa design with a full-sized, built-up pool table that can convert into a dining table, with up to two adults and one child.20.

Zipper The Zipper is a simple sofa design that has a built‑in flat screen and an outdoor pool table for rent, with one person in the centre.21.

Zipcar A Zipcar is a mobility solution that can make moving between vehicles, from car parks

This year’s leisure chair craze is back, with plenty of options to choose from, and we’ve gathered some of the…

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