Which states have the most leisure facilities?

The New York Times has published an extensive report on the state of leisure in the US, revealing that the most popular destinations for leisure are located in the Midwest and South.

The report, published in partnership with the US Census Bureau, details the number of places where people visit leisure facilities, the number where people are allowed to use facilities, and the types of activities that are allowed and the costs.

The data, which was compiled by the US Department of Commerce and the US Government Accountability Office, also included the percentage of the population in each state that uses recreational facilities, according to the Times.

The states with the most facilities are in the South, with Mississippi having the most places where more than 50% of people visit recreational facilities.

The highest occupancy rate for recreational facilities in the country is found in South Dakota, with nearly 70% of the residents using facilities at least once a month.

South Dakota also has the highest percentage of residents that visit recreational pools and other sports facilities, with about 74% of residents there using them at least twice a month, according the Times article.

The next-highest occupancy rates were found in the West, where the West Virginia average is roughly 70% while the average for Texas is around 50%.

In the East, New York City is the state with the highest occupancy rates, with more than 70% residents in use of recreational facilities at at least five times a month while the West Coast average is just over 41%.

The most popular recreational facilities for leisure in North America were located in Utah, Washington, Alaska and Nevada, according with the report.

In addition, the report found that the highest average occupancy rates for recreational activities were found at the resorts in the Pacific Northwest.

The state with one of the highest rates of recreational use was Hawaii, with a rate of 62.8% of its residents using recreational facilities per month.

The average cost of recreational facility visits in the state was about $1,400 per year, according as the report stated.

In the US overall, recreational facilities made up a small portion of total economic activity in 2015, with the vast majority of visitors coming from leisure and hospitality.

In total, the United States had about 6,700 recreational facilities (including hotels, clubs, parks, amusement parks, swimming pools and golf courses), according to US Census figures.

The US Government estimated that there were around 3.3 million recreational facilities worldwide.

In 2015, the US was the third-largest contributor to international trade in recreational facilities with exports of recreational equipment worth an estimated $1.9 billion.

The New York Times has published an extensive report on the state of leisure in the US, revealing that the…

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