Why you should pay a visit to the Sydney Opera House for a free day of work

It’s one of Sydney’s most popular attractions, but it’s also a place where, on occasion, people get paid to sit around a table.

 What you can do to stop the practice.1.

Make it compulsory to pay your bills at the end of each shift.


Limit the number of people who can work on the same shift.3.

Require staff to spend at least an hour working each shift, at least two hours of which should be uninterrupted.4.

Make staff pay for the costs of accommodation and transport, including staff who stay overnight.5.

Ensure staff are paid overtime, regardless of how long they have worked.6.

Reduce staff turnover by imposing a one-year pay freeze.7.

Increase the minimum weekly wage to $100,000, and introduce an annual salary cap.


Make the number and duration of hours of pay increase by $2,000 per month, and by $1,000 every two months thereafter.


Increase overtime pay to $2.50 an hour.


Reduce weekly wages by $40 to $40.00, and annual pay cap by $5,000.


Ensure employees have at least a week’s holiday each year.


Limit overtime to 25 hours a week.


Reduce pay by $50 per week to $45.00.


Limit weekly hours to 60 hours.


Allow employees to return to work after a period of absence for a maximum of one week without penalty.


Ensure employers are required to pay their workers overtime in addition to the normal annual pay.


Reduce the amount employees must pay for food and beverages, and increase the amount paid by workers to cover costs for the meals.


Allow workers to opt out of overtime pay, and to be paid at least $1.50 for every additional hour they work.


Allow staff to opt-out of overtime and be paid $0.50 per hour for every hour worked.


Ensure a minimum weekly minimum wage is established, and workers are entitled to $1 for every one hour worked beyond this wage.


Ensure the annual wage cap is increased by $10,000 to $120,000 annually, and for each additional $2 in annual increases to the cap, the rate of wage growth is increased to the same level.


Increase annual pay by 50 per cent to $160,000 over five years.


Limit annual pay to 50 per week.

It’s one of Sydney’s most popular attractions, but it’s also a place where, on occasion, people get paid to sit…

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