What we learned from Week 3 of the NFL draft: Where will the Raiders be at No. 4?

Oakland Raiders coach Jack Del Rio is excited about the team’s first pick of the first round.

The Raiders have made no secret of their intentions to be in the top four and have the top overall pick.

But they still want to be a team that can win in the AFC West.

They also want to contend in the postseason, which they will try to do if they win the AFC Championship.

Here are some things to know about the first overall pick: 1.

The NFL draft is a lot like college football.

The first round usually involves players who are known commodities, so they won’t be getting drafted high.

They’re more likely to go undrafted.


The only players who will be on the field during the draft are the teams that draft them.

There are a lot of players on the roster that have yet to play a down in the NFL, but they will be there during the season.


There will be some players that don’t make the cut, like wide receiver Derek Carr.

That means some of the rookies who are in the draft class will be in camp.

That also means that there will be plenty of talented rookies that will have a chance to play this season.


The draft class won’t have much impact on the draft itself.

The players that get picked will have an opportunity to make an impact on an NFL roster and contribute on special teams.


There is a real chance that the Raiders will be the first team in franchise history to draft a quarterback.

The team has gone through multiple quarterbacks in recent years and that could make them the first franchise to draft one.

The most recent one was quarterback Matt Schaub in 2013.


The rookie class is filled with players who could be future Pro Bowlers.

Rookie quarterbacks like Jameis Winston and Jared Goff are a good sign.


The other top quarterbacks on the Raiders’ board are Josh Allen and Derek Carr, so it’s very possible that one of the three will be a Pro Bowler.


The undrafted rookies aren’t the only things the Raiders need to address this offseason.

They need to sign a veteran quarterback and add another offensive lineman.


They have a strong running game, which will help them in their run-heavy offense.


They will need to find a defensive end, which is another area they need to improve on.

Oakland Raiders coach Jack Del Rio is excited about the team’s first pick of the first round.The Raiders have made…