How to find the perfect wedding dress

A modern wedding dress is the best way to get a new style and a unique touch to your wedding day, a new design firm says.

A look at the top five most popular wedding dresses, the wedding party and a look at some of the trends that have influenced the way you and your guests dress at the end of the day, are all featured in this week’s issue of The Times Of India.

Here’s what to look for when picking the perfect dress for you and the people you’re marrying.

Top five most fashionable wedding dresses for women The top five wedding dresses from designers with the most fashion-forward looks are: 1.

G-Line Lace wedding dress – $1,500 This gown was designed to match a high-waisted wedding dress and a slimline skirt, and has the perfect balance of soft and formal for a chic wedding day.


Alpinestars wedding dress with floral appliques – $2,200 A look from the designer’s Alpinist collection that looks great on the wedding dress but also for a casual wedding.


Dior Couture bridal dress – €1,000 The floral motif is part of a modern twist on the classic Dior dress, with a high neckline, a floral neckline and a floral neckline.


Chanel L’Oréal wedding dress by Giorgio Armani – $3,500 The lace is layered on top of the floral print to create a dramatic look with a soft floral print.


Gucci wedding dress $3.8M The L’Oreal wedding dress has a high back, lace detailing, a soft lace overlay and a sheer fabric.

Top 5 trend pieces for women at the wedding source The New York Times The Times OF India

A modern wedding dress is the best way to get a new style and a unique touch to your wedding…

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