How to make a ‘live action’ indoor outdoor adventure: From the backyard to the back of the house

I am an avid outdoorsman, but I have always wanted to make my own indoor outdoor adventures.

And so I decided to embark on an adventure through the world of ‘live’ outdoor adventure.

The project started in January 2017, with my friend and outdoor adventure enthusiast, Ryan.

I had already made a couple of videos, both of which were filmed in my backyard, but we wanted to capture an entire outdoor adventure in a smaller space.

We rented an old farmhouse in town for a couple weeks and we were ready to tackle our first outdoor adventure together.

The idea behind our project was to build an entire ‘outdoor adventure’ in a small space.

That was the first step in creating a project that would be truly unique to the ‘home’ version of my outdoor adventures, and to be completely self-contained.

The ‘home adventure’ we would be undertaking would be a short, indoor ‘live-action’ adventure.

I spent a lot of time thinking about how to make this project work, and I came up with some ideas about how we would achieve the goal of having it be as close to a full-fledged ‘outdoors’ experience as possible.

The first idea was to film all the scenes in a large, open area, but after a bit of research I realised that there was a lot more to the idea than just filming.

I had originally wanted to use a combination of a small kitchen and outdoor space to make the project, but once we started working on the interior of the farmhouse, we realised that we would have to use more than one small area to make our project a full ‘outfield’ experience.

I was also curious about how people would react to an ‘outgoing’ outdoor experience.

So I made a simple questionnaire to find out what people thought of our project, and what they liked and disliked about it.

The survey also gave us an idea of what the overall impression people would give to a project like ours.

I then went to town to find a real-life example of an outdoor adventure, and a real example of how we could make it work in a real world environment.

The results of the survey are below, and the results are very encouraging.

The video above is a close-up of a house where we were filming the ‘outworld’ adventure, where we have a view of the surrounding fields and woods.

The survey was very helpful, as people were very open to seeing the project in its natural environment, and also to hearing our story.

I also got some really great feedback on the project and what I could do to improve it.

After spending a few months working with our new ‘outlive’ adventure and watching some of the people who have made it into reality, I have a feeling we will be able to achieve a real ‘live adventure’ experience for people who want one too.

The feedback from the survey helped me develop the ‘live experience’ for our project.

The project was developed using Adobe Photoshop CS6, and we made the final design using the same principles as a typical outdoor adventure project.

The finished project is a bit different to most outdoor adventures that we have made, but it has been very rewarding to work on it.

I can’t wait to see the end result!

The results have been amazing!

A lot of people have been very excited about the project.

One of my favourite things is the response from people who are not normally interested in outdoor adventure and/or outdoor adventure enthusiasts, who have been impressed by the results and want to make their own ‘outaway’ adventures.

We also got a lot positive feedback from people about the ‘Outdoor Adventure’ we created.

Many people said that they are going to create their own outdoor adventures and that they have already made some ‘outgoings’ in their home, and now that we’ve got a project in place, they are all ready to try out the project at home.

We are excited about being able to work with people to make ‘out-going’ adventures, so that people will be less likely to put up with the frustration of watching an ‘ingoing’ adventure in the future, and more likely to make that ‘incoming’ adventure a ‘true’ ‘outlife’.

We hope you enjoy the video below as much as we did making it!

I am an avid outdoorsman, but I have always wanted to make my own indoor outdoor adventures.And so I decided…

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