I need to curl my hair!

I just don’t know where to begin.

If you have a curl problem, the first thing you need to do is learn how to curl your hair.

How to curl a curl?

The easiest way to learn how not to curl is to curl yourself.

This is easy to do if you’re just learning, but if you’ve been doing it for a while and know exactly what you want to curl, you’ll find it easy to learn.

If your hair is too long, it’s easiest to curl it up in a ponytail.

Learn to curl in the shower, in the car, or at a salon.

You’ll want to do this with a friend, so make sure they’re at the same location and not close to each other.

If they’re not, you might have to take them to the same spot.

Learn to curl using a towel, a hair brush, or a comb.

The best way to do it is to start with a soft, damp towel, which should be between your ears and the top of your head.

Put the towel over your head, and let it soak up the moisture in your hair for a few minutes.

Then, brush the hair with the hairbrush, then rinse it off.

It’s best to wash your hair with cold water to remove any lint.

Then go back to the towel and repeat this step.

When you’re done, use a hairbrush to comb the curls you just put back into place.

Do it as hard as you can, and then rinse the towel off.

Repeat this process until you’ve pulled all the curls out.

Repeat this process to pull all the hair back into the scalp, or pull it back and make it longer if you want.

I can’t really think of a better way to curl than this.

I just don’t know where to begin.If you have a curl problem, the first thing you need to do is…

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