Lonely beachers must get over their ‘sexist’ comments to enjoy beachwear

The comments posted to the website of Lonely Beachers, a luxury travel company, were not intended to be offensive, the company said.

It said the comments were “in no way derogatory” but were “not meant to be a sexist or racist comment”.

“These are simply a few of many comments made to our members on a number of occasions,” the company wrote on its Facebook page.

“These were not made with a view to demeaning or degrading a person or group of people, they were simply a reflection of the nature of our website.”

The comments were removed from the site.

The comments, which have since been taken down, are among the latest incidents to come to light following revelations of sexist comments made on the company’s website.

On the company website, the phrase “Sexist” is written in bold letters, above a picture of a woman holding a baby.

A woman is seen holding a newborn, while a woman and a man sit in a chair, both wearing swimwear.

The picture has been taken from a camera mounted on the wall behind the woman holding the baby, who is wearing a bikini.

The company’s “sexist” comment has also been criticised.

The website has since been redesigned to make it clearer that it is not meant to imply the women in the photo are sexually attracted to men.

The business said it was “shocked and saddened” by the incident.

“It was clear to us from the moment the photos were posted that the comments would not be representative of the company,” the website said.

“We are committed to being inclusive of all views and we take these matters very seriously.”

Mr Sarno said the company was committed to its members and had recently removed comments that “degraded or demeaned any group or individual”.

“We have removed the comment, and we will work with our members to ensure that we will never again make comments that are offensive or demeanourise people,” he said.

‘Wishful thinking’ Mr Sarnao said his comments were a “wishful thought” from one member who was “a bit jealous” of the “beautiful beaches” and wanted to “look forward to some fun” at the beach.

“That’s a wishful thinking,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“But I think what the comment was saying was, ‘I don’t want to be judged, so I’m not going to be here.'”

Mr Sreno said he hoped the company would “learn from the experience”.

“I hope the next time it happens, we can get it out of the head and be a little bit more realistic about what it’s like,” he added.

The Facebook page of Lonely Island, a popular luxury travel website, has been inundated with posts about its owners comments, including ones from members who said they wished the company had been more “gentle” in its tone.

The site has posted more than 30 comments on the comments section, including comments from a member who said the words were “silly”.

The comments posted to the website of Lonely Beachers, a luxury travel company, were not intended to be offensive, the…

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