How much will your family spend on leisure time?

The average cost of leisure time in the United States is $3,400 per year.

The average household spends $6,000 annually on leisure.

That means the average family spends $4,500 on leisure every year.

Read more: Read More: It’s also possible to estimate the average cost per year of leisure by taking a look at the cost per hour of leisure.

This is often called the cost of time per hour and is calculated by taking the average number of hours per year in a year and dividing that by the number of days per year (so an hour of work equals 1 hour of vacation).

Here are some common assumptions: Hours per day: The cost of an hour is equal to the number times that day’s total is divided by the total number of people working.

Hours are equal to hours worked in a given week.

For example, if an hour was worked every day in the past week, the cost would be $0.50 per hour.

In-home entertainment: For a given person’s lifestyle, there are certain times when the cost for an hour will be lower than in-home time.

This will be true if the person works from home during that time and the person is not a frequent traveler.

The cost of a weekend: There are some situations where an extra weekend can be beneficial.

For instance, a person may need to spend the weekend with family members and friends.

The cost is lower for that person to spend their time with family and friends when the trip is shorter.

If you have children, it is likely that you’ll want to take advantage of leisure more often than the average person.

Lifetime expenses are an important factor when considering whether a leisure product is right for your family.

The value of a leisure item depends on the specific purpose of that product.

Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision on how much to spend on your family’s leisure.Read More

The average cost of leisure time in the United States is $3,400 per year.The average household spends $6,000 annually on…

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