When a life of leisure campground shuts down

A life of recreation is the only thing that will keep the world going.

That’s why people in France are starting to put the brakes on.

On Monday, Le Petit Camp, a leisure camp that started in the town of Pardons in Brittany, will close its doors for good.

The campground was open from February 20 to March 13 and has been used by hundreds of thousands of people each year.

On Wednesday, Le Pardon is going to close permanently.

The town council said that, with the help of its local municipality, Le Patrie has decided to shut down.

“Le Pardown is shutting down due to the closure of Le Petits Campground due to safety reasons,” the town council wrote in a statement.

“The town council has decided not to reopen this popular campground.”

Le Pards Campground is the largest leisure park in the French Alps, and was one of the first in the country to offer a campground in 1872.

Its popularity was so great that it was awarded the title of the best outdoor recreation spot in France.

The campground has become the main attraction for visitors from all over the world, with many French residents travelling to the campground to get a taste of the country’s famed countryside.

The decision comes as the French government has taken a tough stance on tourism, and Le Pards campground is no exception.

The decision to close the park comes just two weeks after the tourism ministry announced it would close Le Petites Campground, too.

According to the tourism minister, the closure will force people to seek other leisure activities.

The ministry said it was also taking measures to reduce pollution, to reduce the amount of tourism that France generates and to increase its social benefits.

According the French National Assembly, tourism accounts for over 40% of the French economy, and this contributes around €40bn to the countrys GDP every year.

The town of Le Pardo will not be able to keep running Le Petitions Campground after the summer, with all of its activities due to be closed by the end of the year.

The closure will affect people who have been going there for many years.

The council has said that the closure would not affect those who had stayed there for a long time, and the campgrounds population will increase.

According a statement on the Le Pardon Campground Facebook page, the decision was made because Le Pands campground had a poor reputation and a high number of visitors.

“We are not happy with the situation.

This decision is due to a lack of social cooperation,” it added.

A life of recreation is the only thing that will keep the world going.That’s why people in France are starting…

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