Why do some Australians think we are lazy?

When the weather’s nice, some people enjoy the feeling of walking through the countryside in their sunbathers shoes, while others might prefer a longer walk in the park.

But how do Australians think about their own leisure activities?

A new survey has found that, in some ways, we’re lazy.

The survey, commissioned by the Association of British Insurers, found that people felt that “the best way to spend time in a community is by getting out and about”.

“This is largely a result of the perceived importance of socialising, and the perceived ease of doing so,” the survey found.

It said that, “Australians feel a need to get around the city, but the nature of their travel and social interactions can vary.”

“This can be linked to the perceived need for community and social interaction, or simply the perceived benefits of the physical environment.”

The survey found that when it came to the nature and location of their leisure activities, the most common responses were: “walking”, “tourist”, and “golf” were the top three responses.

And, when asked to rate the importance of these activities, most people felt they were important to having a good life.

The Association of Australian Travel Agents said that while some people may enjoy the thrill of playing golf or enjoying the weather, others “want to have a quieter time in their city.”

The association said that this is partly because of the importance the outdoor environment places on the health of the local community.

It also cited that “a sense of community is a major factor in the development of a sense of belonging”.

It added that, although most Australians feel “lazy”, it’s important to remember that this may not be the case for everyone.

“When asked about the importance and impact of their physical activities, Australians were more likely to say that they have a ‘nice’ or ‘easy’ lifestyle than say that their physical activity is important to them,” the association said.

“However, this was not true of all respondents, as most reported having a ‘great’ or a ‘good’ lifestyle.”

When the weather’s nice, some people enjoy the feeling of walking through the countryside in their sunbathers shoes, while others…

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