Which are the best sports teams?

More than just a sport, leisure clubbing can also be an economic activity.

But there’s a big difference between sports and leisure.

The latter is a way of spending time away from work and spending money with friends and family.

Sports involve more than just competition.

They involve socializing, bonding and community.

And there are plenty of other activities available to everyone, from shopping to dining out, that aren’t sports.

Read on to learn about the most popular sports teams in the United States.1.

Miami Heat2.

San Antonio Spurs3.

Denver Nuggets4.

Boston Celtics5.

Chicago Bulls6.

New York Knicks7.

Portland Trail Blazers8.

Charlotte Hornets9.

Los Angeles Lakers10.

Milwaukee Bucks11.

Orlando Magic12.

Atlanta Hawks13.

Sacramento Kings14.

Philadelphia 76ers15.

Phoenix Suns16.

Washington Wizards17.

Los Angles Clippers18.

San Francisco 49ers19.

Atlanta Braves20.

Sacramento Jazz21.

Denver Suns22.

Oklahoma City Thunder23.

Memphis Grizzlies24.

Detroit Pistons25.

Miami Dolphins26.

Atlanta Bucks27.

Los Altos Clippers28.

Phoenix Coyotes29.

New Orleans Pelicans30.

New Jersey Nets31.

Charlotte Bobcats32.

Boston Bruins33.

Washington Capitals34.

Charlotte Pelicans35.

San Jose Sharks36.

Toronto Raptors37.

Boston Trail Blazers38.

Los Angeles Clippers39.

Sacramento Bee40.

Chicago Sun Bulls41.

Cleveland Cavaliers42.

Atlanta Falcons43.

Portland Thorns44.

Sacramento Grizzlies45.

Denver Lakers46.

Los Chinos47.

Sacramento City Bulls48.

Sacramento County Kings49.

Sacramento State Warriors50.

Orlando Solar Bulls51.

Houston Rockets52.

New England Patriots53.

Minnesota Timberwolves54.

Atlanta Dream55.

Portland Thunder56.

Chicago Fire57.

Los Ingobernables58.

Los Lunas 59.

Phoenix Hawks60.

Houston Dynamo61.

Oklahoma Thunder62.

Sacramento Pelicans63.

Denver Warriors64.

Portland Mystics65.

Los Alamos Rockets66.

New Mexico Lobos67.

Sacramento Republic 68.

Sacramento Suns69.

San Diego Chiggers70.

Portland Ducks71.

Boston University 72.

Miami Shock73.

Denver Pioneers74.

Los Dos Amigos75.

Portland Timbers76.

Washington Huskies77.

Milwaukee Admirals78.

New Hampshire Wildcats79.

Boston Crusaders80.

Memphis Tigers81.

Sacramento Gold Bucks82.

Minnesota Thunder83.

Washington State Cougars84.

New Haven Lobos85.

Seattle Sounders86.

Chicago Redhawks87.

San Bernardino Lakers88.

Detroit Tigers89.

San Joaquin Delta Hawks90.

Boston College91.

Kansas City Shock92.

Denver Shock93.

Boston Red Wolves94.

Boston Phoenix95.

Kansas State Cougs96.

Charlotte Bulls97.

New Delhi Zalewski 98.

Indiana State Bobcats99.

Charlotte Hornets100.

Arizona Wildcats

More than just a sport, leisure clubbing can also be an economic activity.But there’s a big difference between sports and…

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