Men in leisure suits ‘stuck in traffic’ as traffic speeds up

A group of men who work as security guards at an international airport in Brazil have taken to social media to vent their frustrations over the new traffic restrictions that have been imposed on the airport.

The men say that since the end of the year, the airport has seen a rise in traffic on the main runway, with passengers arriving by the thousands on both the arrivals and departures flights, and on several flights that have diverted to other airports in the country.

They say that despite all the efforts of security guards to get people to stay put, the restrictions have made life even more difficult.

“When we were asked to go to the airport, we did it in a group of three, and all three of us have to go through an hour-long security screening to enter the terminal,” said Jorge Fernandes, who works as a security guard at the airport for a local company.

“If you’re not a citizen of Brazil, you can’t enter the airport.”‘

We need to do more’The security guards have called for a change in the airport security measures, saying that they do not see any need to change the restrictions.

But the men, who are not Brazilians, said they had not been paid for their work and that they were worried that they would be unable to work at the new airport.

“We do not want to be the first group of people who are stuck in traffic, we need to get our passports and get out of here,” said Carlos Fernandes.

Brazil’s President Michel Temer announced in February that the country would ban all forms of foreign travel from the country until a new security system is in place.

In response, some of Brazil’s biggest airlines have started flying non-Brazilian passengers off the country’s main airports, with some airlines including Aeroflot cancelling or postponing flights.

But other airlines have not made such drastic cuts, with airlines including Qantas, EasyJet, Virgin Atlantic and Ryanair continuing to fly non- Brazilian passengers on their flights.

The new restrictions have led to some of the countrys biggest airlines taking a hard line on travellers from outside Brazil, with Qantamos cancelling flights to and from Brazil in response to the restrictions, and Virgin Atlantic taking flights to Singapore from Brazil.

The Brazilian president has said that his government is working to ease the restrictions and said that the government would soon publish a new policy on the situation of foreign travellers.

A group of men who work as security guards at an international airport in Brazil have taken to social media…

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