‘Giant Leap’ and ‘A Giant Leap’ for Lakeland to make a return to Sydney’s waterways

“The next Giant Leap is for Sydney’s rivers.

It’s a very big leap forward, but also for the community,” said Mr O’Brien.

The giant leap would see an expansion of the existing James Lakes waterway and a new link between the James Lakes and the existing Olympic Park.

It would see the park transformed into a “super-highway” linking the James and Great Lakes, and the new link linking the Olympic Park and James Lakes.

“The first big leap will be the massive lake crossing,” Mr O. said.

“That will be a super-highroad connecting the Olympic and James lakes and the Sydney Harbour, which will be super-long and super-wide.

We want to make sure it’s not just a one-way thing.

We want to have a long-distance link, because that’s how you get the maximum effect.

A super-road link will also allow people to access James Lakes from other parts of Sydney, while also connecting the James with the Olympic.

As part of the transformation, a new water taxi service will be launched, which would be used to transport tourists to the new bridge and other attractions in the James.

Mr O’Briens plans to create 10 new jobs in the area.

More information on the Giant Leap project will be released at a later date.

Read more about the James Lake Park.

“The next Giant Leap is for Sydney’s rivers.It’s a very big leap forward, but also for the community,” said Mr…

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