The ‘leisure class’ is a real thing! A look at the life of a real estate mogul

Leland Palmer was a man of many passions.

In addition to owning his own real estate company, Palmer also made millions as a celebrity chef, actor and motivational speaker.

And he had a way of entertaining guests.

At least, that’s what people like Laura Hensley told the Daily Beast.

In 2007, Palmer, then known as the “Leland Palmer of the Real Estate World,” opened a restaurant in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood, and he became known as “the Least Restaurateur” by some for his lavish, private dining experience.

According to Hensly, Palmer would bring his family and friends to a table for “just about every meal.”

He was known for his “family-style dining” and “private dining” which was meant to make guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

The family-style was a tradition that he continued for many years.

According of Hensy, Palmer was “a man of the people,” and it was his family that kept him grounded, quiet and happy.

“It was a family that he loved,” she said.

The fact that his family was a “family” was an important part of his character, said Hensie.

The only family he didn’t have was his mother and sister.

“He never got to see them, and she had a very hard time because she knew that she wasn’t going to be there,” Hensily said.

“But he had this huge family that she loved and she thought he was a great dad.”

He also had a large family of dogs, which he would take with him on trips to exotic destinations.

But that wasn’t all that was “his family,” said Hsly.

Palmer’s family was also his most loyal customers.

Hsley said that she and her friends would often take a trip to New Orleans and the Caribbean.

“If I went to a place that was supposed to be like, ‘You can have a great meal here, and if you’re hungry, we’re going to give you a free meal, but we’re not going to let you go hungry,’ then I’d never go back,” she recalled.

“We were always taking those things with us, and I always knew that I was going to go to a restaurant that was going down that road.”

Hsnessy said that her friends and family had been drawn to Palmer because he was “the guy who was really good at entertaining you.”

Palmer also brought his family on his vacations.

“I remember one of his trips, he came up here to Disneyland and he was like, I’ve been to Disneyland, so I can tell you how to get to Disneyland,” Hssey said.

Hensyl said that Palmer was an easygoing man who could get lost in his own world.

“You would just get lost with him,” Hseny said, adding that Palmer’s ability to “turn into the person he was” was part of why she liked him.

“Lincoln was a really kind and caring person.

I was always looking out for him,” she continued.

Palmer was also a social butterfly.

He took time off to attend church, he took time out to play with his dogs, he would often go on his own trips and he would even take his dogs on adventures.

And Hsensly said that at one point, he was traveling to France and Italy.

“His dogs were always on his side, so he was really happy,” Hsinley said.

Palmer died on December 1, 2020, of natural causes.

He was 72 years old.

Leland Palmer was a man of many passions.In addition to owning his own real estate company, Palmer also made millions…

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